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Human Resource Development is one of the biggest business challenges in today's times. It has become important to be able to manage available resources in effective and efficient manner in order to achieve organizational as well as individual goals. Workplace management, scheduling, communication and soft skills are few of the areas covered by us under training services. Most of the training modules are designed and customized according to industry and business situations specific to the clients' needs.

The services include -

   - Work Management Training (5S, Kaizen, Why-Why Analysis,
       5W - 1H, 4M Checklist, 3C, Seven Statistical Tools, etc.)

   - Soft Skills Training
   - Time Management (Priority Setting, Task list, etc.)
   - Stress Management (Resource and Target Management)
   - Communication (Oral / Written Communication, Telephone,
       E-mail, Reports, Drafting, Language Skills, etc.)

   - Information Management (Sources - Online / Offline, Socialization,
       Trainings, Courses, Data Collection and Analysis, etc.)

   - Resource Management (Human Resource, Systems, Technology,
       Machines, Materials, etc.)

   - Technology Management (Computers, Smartphones, Software /
       App, Social Media, Word-Excel-Powerpoint, Graphics, etc.)

   - Relationship Management (Interpersonal Conflict Management,
       Expectations and Priorities)

   - Self Development Training (SWOT Analysis, Goal Setting,
       Positive Thinking, Creativity, Management and Presentation Skills)

   - Technical Trainings

Web Design Services
Software Solutions
Content Services

Web Services


- Web Design
- Website Maintenance
- Content Writing
- Business E-mails
- Webpage Redesign
- Graphic Design


- Work Management
- Soft Skills Training
- Self Development
- Stress Management
- Technical Trainings

Software Solutions

- Software applications
- Data management tools
- Automation at workplace
- Educational tools
- Communication tools

Content Services


- English-Marathi Translation
- Video Subtitles
- Audio/Video Transcription
- Social Networking Content
- Facebook, Twitter, Blog
- Advertisement Content

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