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Web Design Services

A professionally designed website has become an inevitable necessity for any modern business. Anyone can benefit from the Information Technology, irrespective of sphere of business operations, provided the approach is correct. Versatile follows a user-centric approach, focusing on user-friendly and easy-to-use websites.

Some key features of our websites:
 - Search engine friendly contents on all pages
 - 'Light' websites - faster loading, work with low bandwidth
 - Compatible with most mobile browsers - trouble-free browsing
 - Content language modified during design phase

The web solutions include -
   - Web Design
   - Website Maintenance & Updates
   - Content Writing
   - Business E-mail Configuration
   - Webpage Redesign & Improvements
   - General Graphic Design (For Print & Web)
   - Search Engine Optimization

Software Solutions
Content Services

Web Services


- Web Design
- Website Maintenance
- Domain Registration
- Business E-mails
- Webpage Redesign
- Graphic Design


- Work Management
- Soft Skills Training
- Self Development
- Stress Management
- Technical Trainings

Software Solutions

- Software applications
- Data management tools
- Automation at workplace
- Educational tools
- Communication tools

Content Services


- English-Marathi Translation
- Video Subtitles
- Audio/Video Transcription
- Social Networking Content
- Facebook, Twitter, Blog
- Advertisement Content

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