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Software Solutions

Versatile offers a wide range of software solutions to meet basic automation needs of Small and Medium scale Enterprises. Understanding that this section of industry needs best of the services within a given budget, and that it may or may not be equipped with the necessary technical resources to address these requirements effectively, Versatile comes up with cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions to improve the quality and performance of the business.

The software solutions include -
 - Software tools for collection, storage, analysis, and reporting of data
 - Need-based applications for automation at small & medium set-ups
 - Web based applications for centralized database access
 - Educational tools for individual and institutional use
 - Communication tools for office use

Web Design Services
Content Services

Web Services


- Web Design
- Website Maintenance
- Content Writing
- Business E-mails
- Webpage Redesign
- Graphic Design


- Work Management
- Soft Skills Training
- Self Development
- Stress Management
- Technical Trainings

Software Solutions

- Software applications
- Data management tools
- Automation at workplace
- Educational tools
- Communication tools

Content Services


- English-Marathi Translation
- Video Subtitles
- Audio/Video Transcription
- Social Networking Content
- Facebook, Twitter, Blog
- Advertisement Content

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