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Versatile Corporate Solutions is a business-solutions-provider, focusing on areas of specialization like Training, Business Consulting, Strategic Planning, Web Design, Content Writing, Translations, and Social Media Marketing.

Versatile strives to deliver superior results, combining both the sophisticated intelligence and unparalleled expertise required to plan, execute, and manage technological advancements in support of the Small and Medium Business Group across the industry. Trying to understand the overall scope, objectives, and strategy of client's business, with a thorough analysis of the requirements and technology on hand, Versatile comes up with out-of-the-box solutions, ensuring satisfaction of the clientele on both technical and economical fronts.

With the intention of sharing and spreading technological benefits through excellent service, creativity and results at an inexpensive rate, and not binding itself to any particular style or technology, Versatile is extremely flexible in determining the technology and approach that best suits the client's business.

Highlights of services offered by Versatile are - quality, time, and cost effectiveness.

Web Services


- Web Design
- Website Maintenance
- Content Writing
- Business E-mails
- Webpage Redesign
- Graphic Design


- Work Management
- Soft Skills Training
- Self Development
- Stress Management
- Technical Trainings

Software Solutions

- Software applications
- Data management tools
- Automation at workplace
- Educational tools
- Communication tools

Content Services


- English-Marathi Translation
- Video Subtitles
- Audio/Video Transcription
- Social Networking Content
- Facebook, Twitter, Blog
- Advertisement Content

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